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MSFS Aircraft Pinner Pro

Pin your favourite MSFS 2020 aircraft at the top of the list in game.

The app scans your MSFS 2020 aircraft, then lets you ‘pin’ favourite aircraft at the top of your MSFS2020 aircraft list in game with stars.

The Pro version of MSFS Aircraft Pinner is everything you love about the Lite version, but adds the ability to control the order of your favourite aircraft with a multistar system and custom naming for ordering. It also has a handy visual editor which gives a in game preview and options for scanning second aircraft locations.

  • No more scrolling through 100s of planes to find your ‘go to’ aircraft.
  • VR experience improved as no more having to take headset off to use search.
  • PRO: Put your very best aircraft in any order with the multistar system.
  • PRO: Order aircraft by renaming, eg: preceding numbers.
  • PRO: Visual Editor with preview.
  • PRO: Second aircraft scan folder option.
  • Simple ‘single file’ application, no clunky installers.
  • Lifetime upgrades to any new version released.
  • Request features you would like to see.
  • Email notification of upgrades.
  • Responsive developer who is always on hand to help.

On purchasing a license you will be emailed as soon as possible with your download instructions.

Click the PayPal link below to purchase. You don’t need a PayPal account to use PayPal and it’s completely secure.

MSFS Aircraft Pinner Pro License – £4.95 GBP

MSFS Aircraft Pinner Lite

The ‘Lite’ version lets you get a taste of the full app, and though it has all the ‘bell and whistles’ removed like multistar, reordering via naming, visual editor and second aircraft scan folder, is still functional. 

Download MSFS Aircraft Pinner Lite v1.0.12

MSFS Aircraft Pinner Pro



If you have updated to a new version and things don’t display how you expect, use the ‘Scan’ button to rescan your aircraft and rebuild the cache used for fast loading.


MSFS Aircraft Pinner cannot favourite an aircraft that is encrypted. Not all store purchased planes are like this however. You can tell a aircraft that is encrypted as it’s folder contains ‘.fsarchive’ files.


Bugs, support and comments: dan@flukstersoftware.com


MSFS2020 and a 64bit Windows with .NET framework 4.7.2 (will run without any other install / files on any modern Windows computer)


This app is not ‘signed’ with a certificate so Windows may warn you when running for first time. Click ‘More Info’ on the blue smart screen warning and run. It won’t ask you again.


Every MSFS Aircraft Pinner release is scanned with VirusTotal, which submits our application to over 60 AV programs. This guarantees our releases are safe.